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and if you are working in a critical industry like Nuclear, Aerospace, Semiconductor, or Pharmaceutical, by all means, use a dedicated tungsten grinder. A tungsten grinder is a good idea for critical applications. because it eliminates a variable...and that is always a good thing.

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Every tungsten grinder that I could find doing an online search requires that you rotate the tungsten with your fingers. This means that the grinding process is stopped and started every time you have to re-grip the tungsten to keep rotating it which leaves a flat sport on the point.

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The HTP tungsten sharpener is the fast, easy; contaminate free way to sharpen your tungsten. Don’t jeopardize that critical welding stone by sharpening tungsten on your bench grinder, as other materials...

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While tungsten is a very hard material, the surface of a diamond wheel is harder, which makes for a smooth grind. Grinding with other types of wheels can create jagged edges, imperfections, or invisible poor surface finishes that contribute to weld inconsistency and defects.

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tungsten must be kept concentric to the diameter to place it in the correct position centered in the plasma torch. This is a critical parameter adjustment in plasma arc welding.

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Grinding Tungsten Electrodes with Diamond Wheels coarser the diamond grit, the faster the grind. For a smooth finish, grind with a 300‐grit wheel, the standard on most dry grinders. For small‐diameter tungsten grinding, 1/16” (1.6 mm) or below, use a finer grit wheel for that critical smooth‐

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Grinding Tungsten If you have ever struggled with arc stability while TIG welding , particularly in the lower range of amps that are suitable for the size tungsten, it likely can be attributed to improper grinding.

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