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1:50Click to viewHow To Fix A Tent Zipper That Is Slow or StuckTry using WD-40 on a Q-tip to fix a tent zipper that is slow or stuck. For more tips about hiking, climbing, or relaxing for beginners, visit · 5 years ago8K views1:00Click to viewHow to unstick a zipper69K views · 5 years ago1:05Click to viewFix Stuck Frozen Corroded Tent Zipper6.3K views · 1 year ago2:29Click to viewTailoring & Clothing Alterations : How to Fix a Stuck Zipper71K views · 10 years ago1:11Click to viewHow to Unstick Zippers : Solutions for Clothing Questions2.8K views · 4 years ago1:08Click to viewHousehold Tips - How to Un-stick a Stuck Zipper - Your YouTube Mom10K views · 5 years ago1:58Click to viewTipsy Tory - How to Unstick a Stuck Zipper24K views · 4 years ago1:33Click to viewTent Zipper Repair105K views · 6 years agoSee all

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This method is mainly for metal zippers – with nylon zippers it won’t do much good. Rub the zipper with a wax candle; Rub the zipper with lip balm, like Chapstick; Rub the zipper with a wax crayon; Work a couple drops of clear cooking oil into the zipper; Work some WD-40 into the zipper.

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To help unstick your zipper, you can add lubrication to the zipper teeth using chapstick, crayon wax, the end of a graphite pencil, petroleum jelly, and other waxy products or lubricants. Sooner or later you're going to have to deal with a stuck zipper, whether it's on your favorite jacket, backpack, or pair of pants.

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how to unstick a nylon zipper on a tent. how to unstick a tent zipper how to unstick a nylon zipper on a tent stone crusher plant,crusher equipment. How to Unstick a Stuck ZipperYahoo . Learn More. Get Price And Support Online; Ultralight Backpacking Articles from Hikelight. Chapter 40: How to Repair a Separated, Stuck, or Sluggish Zipper.

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If your zipper's caught on to the surrounding fabric and holding on with the jaws of life, you can free it with a number of different household items, like a pencil, some soap, or even Windex.

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How do I unstick a stuck zipper? | Yahoo … · How to Unstick a Zipper: 14 Things to Try | … Learn how to unstick a zipper with these ... Tent camping tips are ... Great idea for keeping foods It is easy to maintain stone supplies and to keep them in nylon ... Get More Info.

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how to unstick a nylon zipper on a tent … Be sure to test if you use a spray to see how the lubricant comes out so you do not soak the nylon around the zipper.

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- the zipper will close the tent somewhat, but the zipped seam comes apart behind the zipper - Zipper jams or only moves small portions at a time - Zipper cause loops in zipped material where one or two teeth are skipped but then it continues to zip.

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